The Barcelona delegation has travelled to the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong includes a trade mission composed of twenty brands that leverage the stay to make contacts and open new lines of business. The list is very heterogeneous and not everyone follows the same interests. Although generally satisfied, some companies acknowledge that they hoped to make more contacts. Yes, they had the opportunity to make contacts but since one day and a half before leaving.

Gemma Bernal, one of Barcelona’s designers with more experience, is one of the more outstanding names in the business mission that has been to Hong Kong. With the crisis she lost her Spanish clients and has been seeking her life in Europe and the United States. Know she tries been luck in China. She looks for an entrepreneur to buy her designs. “So far the Chinese entrepreneurs have dedicated, in general, to play the role of suppliers. I’m looking for someone who wants to promote his brand with my designs and looks for the possibility of making her own products,” In addition, Bernal said that she does not know if what she is looking for really exists it is an “Utopia”.

Another brand related to that mission, Alma, already has experience in Asia. So much so that at this time 80% of its turnover is in China. To do this they had to break stones. “The Chinese people are a very conservative type of customer; they have a hard time catching pace of hiring. They do little tests, then they cud it and gradually you start growing with them,” says Diego Quiroga, CEO of Alma.

For Brand Your Shoes, a quite new company that designs custom shoes for brands, been at the fair is an opportunity “to find some agent or customers to whom we can sell our products directly from Barcelona”. Guillem Soldevila, CEO of the company, also believes that an important thing is the net work that has been created with the mission companies is something positive “that can open the door to future collaborations.”

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